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IndiCure understands the client need and the medical fraternity well enough to bring to you the best plastic surgery holidays packages. “Perfect Body Specials” is a carefully amalgamated plastic surgery travel package to offer you a complete body contouring to help you achieve your dream shape. It combines medical travel and destination holiday into one making it a complete plastic surgery vacation package.

IndiCure only selects surgeons who are the best in their respected field of specialization. The clinics and hospitals chosen for your surgery have state-of-the-art medical facilities, international standard of hygiene and protocol as well as the latest treatment methods and equipment’s in order to facilitate to your comfort and satisfaction. The paradigm of Indian medical facilities and qualification of the surgical fraternity is as excellent, if not greater, compared to their western counterparts. So be confident that your plastic surgery travel package includes nothing but the best.

These cosmetic surgery packages are crafted keeping in mind what is popularly asked by our clients and what is recommended by our expert aesthetic surgeons. People who are willing to make a complete full body changed can opt for this surgery. Packages include surgeries like tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction etc.

Our cosmetic surgery travel packages include a private air-conditioned car for local commute, comfortable accommodation along with concierge services that assure treatment by choosing top class cosmetic surgeons and world class clinical facilities. These packages are not just hard to resist but also light on the pocket making it a perfect choice for you. Fill up the inquiry form and make an appointment today, to claim the life and body you always desired.

Perfect Body Specials 1

  •   Tummy tuck
  •   Breast reduction + lift
  •   Liposuction of thighs and buttocks
  •   Liposuction of abdomen and flanks
  •   Health check
$ 6,150 + Taxes Book Now

Perfect Body Specials 2

  •   Tummy tuck
  •   Breast lift + augmentation with FDA approved Silicone Implants
  •   Liposuction thighs and buttocks
  •   Liposuction abdomen and flanks
  •   Health check
$ 6,550 + Taxes Book Now

Perfect Body Specials 3

  •   Liposuction of Abdomen
  •   Liposuction of Flanks
  •   Liposuction of Hips & buttocks
  •   Liposuction of Inner thighs
$ 3,750 + Taxes Book Now

Perfect Body Specials 4

  •   Brazilian Buttock lift/ Fat transfer to buttocks
  •   Liposuction of Abdomen
  •   Liposuction of Flanks
$ 2,750 + Taxes Book Now

Common services included in the Package rates:

  •   Private Hospital Fees, Anesthetic, Theatre and Surgery charges
  •   Accommodation in a twin sharing room / private room at the hospital for 4 night
  •   All inclusive treatments e.g. bandages, dressing
  •   Pre and Post-surgery consultation/s by your surgeon, as necessary
  •   All Meals at the hospital
  •   All transfers to/from the hospital and airport/hotel in an air conditioned private car
  •   Free Stay at the hospital for the person accompanying the patient

The above mentioned plastic surgery holiday packages are most popular, however, they could be altered depending on the surgeon’s opinions which may vary from case to case.

Disclaimer:Packaged rates above are best possible approximations for standard and non-complicated cases. Actual procedures undertaken and prices may vary on after the physical and clinical examination by the surgeon.

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