Our body gives us self-confidence and the perfect attitude to live a better life. You follow fitness routine, diets or even yoga to attain a perfect equilibrium of mind and body. However, if the weight loss is too severe, the skin begins to loll. Body sculpting surgery helps in body tightening or elimination of fat from the belly, thigh, neck, arm etc.

Body Lift

To reshape your body after massive weight loss, you can go for full Body lift. Read on to plan your surgery in India

Butt Lift

Enhance the shape and size of your butt by planning a butt lift in India. Continue reading to know more

Calf Implants

Give shape to your disproportionate calf muscles with Calf Implants. Read more to plan the surgery in India


Get rid of excessive fat from certain part of your body. To plan Liposuction in India, continue reading

Tummy Tuck

Remove excess fat from the abdomen area with Tummy Tuck surgery. Read on to plan the surgery in India

Arm Lift

Correct sagging arms after massive weight loss or otherwise with arm lift. Continue reading to know more


Restore your virginity with hymen repair surgery. Read on to plan hymenoplasty in India.


Tighten the loose vaginal muscles post child birth. Read further to plan Vaginoplasty in India.

Body plastic surgery is usually done on a patient who has undergone massive weight loss due to which the muscles turn loose and skin begins to sag. This gives the body a nice shape and contour, making you feel renewed. If you feel, you are in need of this body sculpting surgery, who could either choose a full body lift surgery or a lower body lift surgery.

Lower Body lift

Lower body lift treats the lower part of the body and includes:

  • Tummy tuck / Belt Lipectomy
  • Circumferential Thigh Lift
  • Butt Lift

Full Body Lift/ Total Body Lift

Full Body lift treats the full body and may include:

  • Tummy tuck/ Belt Lipectomy
  • Circumferential Thigh Lift
  • Butt Lift
  • Breast Lift
  • Arm Lift
  • Face Lift
  • Neck Lift

The choice and technique of surgery depend on the preference of the patient as well as that of the surgeon. While some surgeons go for a tummy tuck procedure first, followed by back and thigh, there are some that start with belt lipectomy.

A full body lift happens to be quite extensive and time consuming as compared to other plastic surgery procedures. Hence, it is very important that it only performed by skilled and best cosmetic surgeons. Age, size and skin elasticity of the patient play a vital role in the end result of the procedure.

With IndiCure you could be assured that your body plastic surgery shall be executed by the best cosmetic surgeons. India has the same standard and protocol for plastic surgery as that of the western medical fraternity. Wisely handpicked surgeons, clinics and hospitals of IndiCure, offer expert treatment and patient care. Fill in the inquiry form to get a free consultation from our expert surgeons.

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