Calf augmentation, also known as calf surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure among men and women to enhance the shape of their calf muscles and make them in proportionate with the rest of their body. Calf surgery is done by placing silicone implants behind the calf muscles, i.e. the area below the knee and above the ankles.

In many men and women, calf muscles do not develop as compared to other muscles of the body. The legs look tiny as compared to the rest of the body, which is a cause of embarrassment. Calf augmentation is also used in cases of polio, club foot and spina bifida to correct abnormalities in the leg.

Calf Implants in India with IndiCure is done by some of the best cosmetic surgeons in India handpicked by IndiCure, at private cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals in India that equal their European and American counterparts in terms of quality and safety standards and also lets one have huge savings because of low cost cosmetic surgery in India.


Men and women with undeveloped or under-developed calf muscles who wish to add bulk to their calf muscles can undergo calf augmentation surgery. People with problems such as polio spina bifida or club foot can undergo calf augmentation to balance both legs. The ideal candidates for calf augmentation are men and women physically healthy, emotionally stable, who understand the procedure well and have realistic expectations from the surgery.


Calf augmentation is a fairly simple procedure done under general anaesthesia. The implant surgeon makes an incision in the natural crease on the back side of the knee and creates a pocket to insert the implant. The implant is then gently inserted and the incision is closed.

You would stay at the hospital for 1 day after the surgery and another 5-6 days in India. A total of thus 7 days are required for you to get calf implants in India, recover and fly back to your country.

Recovery & Results

It is normal to feel pain and discomfort in legs for a couple of days after the calf implants surgery which shall be controlled with medications. You may also feel that you have worked out your calves intensely or have walked miles, but this would gradually reduce in a few days.

You would be advised to wear compression stockings and sleep with your legs elevated to minimize swelling. You would be able to return to work in about ten days after the surgery, but heavy work and intense walking should wait for 4-6 weeks.

You would see calf muscles in proportion to the rest of your body as soon as the swelling begins to subside. However, it may take a few weeks before you could appreciate the final results. The results of the calf augmentation are permanent and the scars are hidden well in the natural crease and are completely inconspicuous.


All inclusive* cost for Calf Implants in India starts from about 2100 GBP / 3250 USD / 2500 EUROS and varies depending upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and location India.

*The cost is inclusive of surgery, anaesthesia, pre-operative investigations, stay at the hospital for a specified number of days, medicines and consumables, food during stay at the hospital and airport transfers.

Free Consultation

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