Hymenoplasty surgery, also known as virginity repair operation is for those of women who wish to restore their virginity for cultural, social or ethical reasons.

Hymen repair operation is a fairly simple procedure wherein the broken hymen tissue is stitched back again by the surgeon. After it heals it gives the feeling of original hymen and gives the woman the same tightness and feeling as during the first intercourse.

Hymenoplasty in India with IndiCure is done by some of the best plastic surgeons in India and at private cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals that equal their European and American counterparts in terms of quality and safety standards. Not only this, Hymenoplasty surgery cost much less compared to those foreign countries too.


Any Woman who wishes to restore her physical virginity owing to social, cultural or ethical reasons can undergo Hymenoplasty surgery.

The best candidates for hymen repair are women above 18, physically healthy and emotionally stable and who understand the procedure well.


Hymen repair surgery can be done under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending upon the patient’s and the surgeon’s preference. Our expert surgeons, however, prefer to do hymen repair surgery under general anaesthesia in the complete comfort of the patient.

The surgeon stitches the edges of the remaining hymen which grows back to the natural hymen as before the intercourse. If the remnants are not big enough, the surgeon uses the vaginal mucous tissue to create hymen and also tighten the mouth of vagina to give it the appearance of natural, human and the women the same feeling of tightness and rupture as during first intercourse.

The procedure is done on a day care basis and you would be released from the hospital the same day. You thus need only 3-4 days for your Hymenoplasty in India, recover and fly back to your country.

Recovery & Results

You would be released from the hospital in 4-5 hours after the surgery on the same day. It is normal to have some bleeding after the surgery. You would be advised to take small steps and not do heavy work and exercises for a few days after the surgery.

The resulting hymen would be very similar to your natural hymen and would give you the same sensation and feeling of tightness as the first intercourse.


All inclusive* cost for Hymenoplasty in India starts from about 600 GBP / 950 USD / 750 EUROS and varies depending upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and location India.

*The cost is inclusive of surgery, anaesthesia, pre-operative investigations, stay at the hospital for a specified number of days, medicines and consumables, food during stay at the hospital and airport transfers.

Free Consultation

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