Which women don’t wish for firmer and fuller breasts, especially after they are termed as a women’s “asset”? While some are satisfied with padded bras, other take a more surgical step of getting implants. Breast surgery in India is a rage right now. Women don’t shy away from going under a knife to enhance their appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Unsatisfied with the structure and size of your breasts? Lost volume and shape of your bosom post-pregnancy? Get firmer, fuller and harmonious Breasts with Breast Augmentation. Read on to know more and plan your Breast Augmentation in India

Breast Reduction

Heavy breast makes you conscious? Larger breast makes your body look disproportionate and make you feel uncomfortable? Rectify this flaw with breast reduction surgery. Continue reading to know and plan your breast reduction surgery in India.

Breast Lift

Wish to regain the firmness in your breasts post-pregnancy? Loose saggy breasts make you feel awkward? Restore the volume and perkiness in your breast with breast lift. Continue reading to know and plan Breast lift in India.


Are you a man with heavy chest? Fat in the chest areas, giving the illusion of man-boobs? Remove unwanted fat and tissues from the chest area with Gynecomastia. Read on to know more and plan your Gynecomastia in India.

Women above the 18 years of age, whether married or unmarried are eligible candidates for this cosmetic procedure. Getting your breast surgery in India can be cost efficient as well as skilfully executed. You could either go for an enlargement, reduction or breast lift, depending on your requirement. However, some might prefer combining breast surgery along with other cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck, mommy makeover, etc. Generally, a breast lift surgery is followed after pregnancy as the breast loses their original composure, sag and hang loose. The mentioned surgery rectifies the flaw, therefore making it firmer and fuller. However, be assured that it doesn’t not interfere or create complication while breastfeeding.

This surgery is gaining popularity across the globe. Along with expert precision and skill you are looking for options that do not cut deep into your pocket. IndiCure promises to guarantee just that. The cost of breast implants in India is comparatively affordable. There is special care and effort taken by our core team in researching and analysing the medical fraternity in India, so that only the most experienced surgeons and best hospitals are provided to you.

The breast implant surgeons meticulously dedicate time and resource in providing you expert treatment in giving you the desired result. These breast implant surgeons are well-trained, internationally experienced and have good foreign exposure, thus making them qualified to treat you. The chosen clinics and hospitals are inundated with some of the best equipment’s that can be compared to their western counterparts. In order to plan or even understand the procedure, you could fill in the below form and avail a free consultation.

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