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Gynecomastia (Man Boobs, Male Breast) Surgery India Cost, Prices


Overview Candidates Procedure
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Recovery & Results Cost Free Consultation


Male breast reduction, or man boobs reduction surgery, also known as Gynecomastia (meaning correction of women like breasts), is a popular plastic surgery procedure to give a flat masculine chest in men who have women like breasts. The surgery removes extra fat and glandular tissue either through liposuction alone or through liposuction and excision where the breast tissue is too hard to be sucked from small liposuction cannulae. Though with highly advanced liposuction cannulae, only in less than 2% cases, open excision is required. For males who have very large breasts, the surgery is similar to that of female breast reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia in India with IndiCure is done by some of the best cosmetic surgeons in India handpicked by IndiCure, at private cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals  that equal their European and American counterparts in terms of quality and safety standards and also lets one have huge savings because of low cost cosmetic surgery in India.


Menabove 18, with enlarged chest giving an appearance like female breast, who feel conscious about appearance may get male breast reduction procedure done.  Best candidates for gynecomastia are men above 18, not overweight, with elastic and firm skin, physically healthy and emotionally stable and those who understand the procedure well.


Male breast reduction or man boobs surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending upon how extensive the surgery is to be performed and your and surgeon’s preference. The procedure takes between 1-2 hours.

Most of the times, the fat and tissue are removed through Liposuction only, where the surgeon makes tiny incisions around the areola and inserts the cannula to remove the excess fat.  Only rarely, when the glandular tissue istoo hard, an open incision is required.  You would be advised to wear a pressure garment immediately after the surgery so that the skin shrinks properly.

You would stay at the hospital for a night after the surgery to make sure you are recovering well and would need another 5-6 days to recover for your male breast reduction surgery in India before your fly back to your country.

Recovery & Results

You may feel mild discomfort or pain after the procedure which can be controlled with pain medications. The drainage tubes, if inserted are removed in a day and the stitches are removed on 4th or 5th day of the surgery.

Daily activities can be resumed from the next day whereas heavy work and exercises have to wait for 4-5 weeks. The results from gynecomastia are quite gratifying and permanent, unless except there is significant weight gain.  You get rid of feminine looking chest and feel confident while wearing tight T-shirts or removing your shirt in public.


All inclusive* cost for Gynecomastia in India starts from about 990 GBP / 1550 USD / 1250 EUROS and varies depending upon  the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and location India.

*The cost is inclusive of surgery, anaesthesia, pre-operative investigations, stay at the hospital for specified number of days, medicines and consumables, food during stay at the hospital and airport transfers.

Free Consultation

For a FREE CONSULATION and Quote for your Gynecomastia Surgery in India, please fill in the Inquiry form and attach pictures of the target areas. Alternatively, you may write to and attach pictures of the target areas.

Please be assured that the pictures are treated with utmost confidentiality and are shared only with the treating surgeons. You may check spam e-mails as well if you do not get a mail from us within 48 working hours in your inbox.

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