Aging takes a toll on your body, predominantly your face. The skin loosens, slags and shows wrinkles. You wish to regain the once youthful glowing skin you had. Well, that’s possible by undergoing a facial plastic surgery. Face surgery improves your appearance and removes signs of aging, thus making you look and feel young.

Eyelid surgery

Get rid of tired and droopy eyes with Eyelid Surgery in India . Continue reading to know more.

Brow lift

Furrows and worry line on the forehead make you look glum? Read on to plan your Brow lift in India.

Face lift

Plan your Face lift surgery in India to get rid of visible signs of aging. Read on to know more.

MACS Facelift

Get a fresh and rejuvenated face with MACS Facelift. Read on to plan your MACS lift in India.


change the contour, shape or size of your nose with Rhinoplasty. Continue reading to plan your Rhinoplasty in India

Cheek implants

If you want to bring harmony to facial features and make features sharper, read further to plan your cheek implants in India.

Chin Augmentation

Get a perfect harmonious face with Chin Augmentation. Read on to plan your surgery in India.

Fat Transfer to Face

Autologous Fat transfer to the face is a better option than implants. Read more to plan your surgery in India

Bearing in mind that India is a rising centre for cosmetic surgery, the clinics and hospitals we select are done so after careful analysis and research. This country has some of the most talented and crafty surgeons. The hospitals and clinics here are equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment. A strict protocol is followed concerning with hygiene, professionalism, method and proceeding in order to ensure world class standard treatments to their clients.

IndiCure has the reputed history of only being associated with the best in the field. The face surgeons selected are chosen after minutely scrutinizing their qualification, international exposure and approach towards foreign clients. The techniques and facilities that the face surgeons use in order to give you the desired result, is of impeccable value. You can be assured to be placed in able and skilled hands for your face surgery in India.

We, at IndiCure, understand that getting a facial surgery done requires a lot of forethought, determination and conversation between the client and the surgeon. Hence, we arrange for a free consultation where all the doubts could be cleared by our expert surgeons. Each client is assigned to a case manager who reviews, suggests, guides and consults you throughout your journey of facial plastic surgery. Fill up the below form to avail a free consultation.

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