If you are below 50 and desires to rejuvenate your face to look fresh and younger, you could opt for a possible MACS Face lift in India.

MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension. In India, plastic surgery is not a common aspect, however MACS face lift is gaining popularity amongst the young adult audience due to its comparatively smaller scar which is easily concealed in the hairline.

It is a lot less invasive facelift plastic surgery and enables correction of sagging facial features. It's an excellent surgery to rejuvenate the mid face, jowls and neck with least invasion. It rejuvenates the mid-face without compromising on area of the face for a future full face-lift. The surgery is also thus less risky as the skin undermined is around 50% of that in case of a traditional facelift.

With IndiCure, Plastic surgery in India cost much less compared to its foreign counterparts. However, this doesn’t not mean that there is a compromise in standard or expertise. The procedure here is done in-line with the international operational standards and protocol. The minutely and specifically chosen surgeons, clinics and hospitals are well equipped with state of the art facilities and personnel’s to aid your comfort and healthcare.


Men and women below the age of 50, who have started seeing sagging of the face and neck, but do not need a full blown face lift surgery may be good candidates for the MACS face lift. Candidates must be men or women who are emotionally stable, physically healthy, understand the procedure and the associated risks well


In MACS Facelift, an incision restricted to front of the ear, stretching from earlobe to hairline will be made, which is usually covered by the side curls or the sideburns. The incision is virtually invisible once it heals. With this incision, mid face is dissected down to jaw line. Another incision under the chin dissects the upper neck skin. The sagging tissues in the cheeks are placated and lifted to be anchored to the deep tissues at hairline level. This tightens and smoothens smile creases at corners of the mouth, improves jowls and redefines jaw line. MACS Facelift gives as good a result as face-lift while keeping incision and dissection of the sagging tissues to a minimum.

You are required to stay for 2-3 nights at the clinic for MACS facelift in India. A week after this is normally recommended from time to recuperate, making a total of 8-10 day requirement for a MACS Facelift in India.

Recovery & Results

Recovery after a MACS Facelift is faster when compared to the traditional face lift. You will face mild pain and discomfort after the surgery, which will be controlled with pain medications. Sutures are normally removed on the 7th day. Swelling and bruising normally subsides within a week after the surgery. Normal daily activities may be resumed after a week of surgery. Any rigorous may be avoided till six weeks from the surgery. You should avoid exposure to direct sun for several weeks.

You will be able to see the disappearance of wrinkles as soon as the swelling subsides, though final results will be visible after a few weeks of the surgery. Results are long lasting and you may expect your face to shed 15-20 years of age after this procedure.


All inclusive* cost for MACS Facelift in India starts from about 1900 GBP / 2950 USD / 2300 EUROS and varies depending upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and location India. 

*The cost is inclusive of surgery, anaesthesia, pre-operative investigations, hospital stay for the specified number of days, medicines and consumables, food during stay at the hospital and airport transfers.

Free Consultation

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MACS Facelift

Excellent experience- Beginning with a highly professional surgeon- Dr Wagh, continuing with good nursing system and very well and professional tour plan. The IndiCure team was there 24 hours to assist in any problem, which did not arise. They will ask daily if there is a problem but there was none. I am quite satisfied and happy with my experience of face lift surgery in India.
I strongly recommend IndiCure!!

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