All your questions about cosmetic surgery and other issues will be handled by your case manager and answered by our expert surgeons. However, we have also enlisted some of the frequently asked questions and cosmetic surgery information here below

Though India is a third world country, private clinics in India or private hospitals in India where most of the rich get their treatment done are of world class standards and can be compared to any of their counterparts in UK, USA, Australia. Also cosmetic surgeons in India are west trained and highly skilled in their job. So, chances of plastic surgery going wrong in India are as good as anywhere else in the world.

So, it is very important to choose a right clinic and right surgeon for your surgery. IndiCure associates only with crème-de-la crème of surgeons in India and clinics that follow world class standards in quality and safety.

IndiCure conducts extensive research about surgeons and clinics that it chooses to associate with. Hence, only those that qualify IndiCure’s internal checks and guidelines are shortlisted to ensure quality cosmetic surgery results and happy clients. However, all types of surgeries have some risk associated with it and the same is no higher than a surgery anywhere in the world.
You may come across agencies who may be offering cheaper plastic surgery in India than us. However, we always guide our clients to evaluate reviews of previous clients and the reputation of the agency before making a decision.

Remember, cheapest plastic surgery may not be the best option. The difference in rates may be because of a surgeon’s experience, non-inclusive costs, choice of clinic or hospital, located in India. So, it’s advisable to compare the complete package and not just the price.
IndiCure will be like your friend in India and will act as an intermediary between you and the surgeon, clinic and all the third parties involved in your trip.  With IndiCure you will always have a caring but an unbiased third party who has “been there and done that” and will make best efforts to make it turn out all well.
The quality and safety standards of partner clinics and surgeons IndiCure chooses to associate with are amongst the very best in the world. The cost of surgery in comparison to the UK, USA and Australia is less in India is largely because of low cost of resources i.e. qualified doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, lower investment costs and a favourable exchange rate.
IndiCure makes sure that the associated doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health workers at clinics at least understand and speak English. In case of another language, an interpreter will be used to help with communication.
IndiCure’s experience as a facilitator provides you with a ready dossier of our chosen and proven clinics and cosmetic surgeons to match your requirements. Our negotiated, better than retail rates with clinics, surgeons, and hotels will surely save you money when you look at the combined cost of your trip for surgery in India.

We have preferred access to a chosen few surgeons in India, who are highly qualified, west trained and most experienced in their field of expertise We will be like your friend who is caring and dispassionate to see that best efforts are made by all partners to make your plastic surgery in India turn out all well.

We will plan your surgery in India beforehand, make a detailed itinerary of your appointments so that there are no surprises for you Once you are back home, we will keep in touch with you, as your healing progress is important to us.
You will remain at the clinic or hospital for a minimum of 24 hours, post the surgery for most cases or as advised by your surgeon depending the nature of the surgery. You will then be transferred to a star rated hotel of choice or a serviced apartment, where you will recuperate in time as advised by the surgeon. You may be required by the surgeon to meet as a follow-up consultation after the surgery. All such transfers from the place of stay to clinic will be arranged for you by IndiCure.
We use e-mail as an effective feedback and follow-up system for you for when you are back to your home country. Depending on the need a con-call or a video conference with your surgeon in India may also be arranged. God forbid if there are complications, situation will be evaluated and dealt appropriately. In a quite unlikely event of further surgery, a return visit may become necessary.
Elective surgeries or any possible complications arising from having elective surgery are not normally covered by any of insurance company across the world. We do insist you to get a travel insurance cover while buying your ticket to India. IndiCure associates only with cosmetic surgeons in India who have adequate Medical insurance and the necessary malpractice cover.
IndiCure will provide you with a surgeon’s detailed profile setting qualification, specialization, experience and associations with various boards. Some authentic resources may help in checking surgeon’s credentials, for example, if a particular surgeon is American Board certified, you can check with the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeon’s website and similarly for other associations.
Most of the cosmetic surgery procedures would require you to be in India for 10-12 days, however you may be required for longer if you are getting multiple procedures in multiple sittings done. Your case manager will advise you on the duration of stay that will be required for your particular case.
Yes, you may ask your case manager for references of such previous clients, whom you may call or write an email to know about their experiences of having cosmetic surgery in India.



I was very satisfied of my facelift surgery in India. Miss Bhargav and associates were all very nice to accommodate me. Even the doctor spoke French, my maternal language. The food at the hospital was good too.

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Montreal, Canada

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