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Plan your destination plastic surgery with IndiCure and be free from all the nitty-gritties. Our services envelope medical tourism attributes to help you have a safe plastic surgery in India. To procure a free consultation fill up the inquiry form or you could alternatively email us at along the images of the area you want to surgically target along with your expectation from the surgery.

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We assure to get in touch with you in the next 48 hours. You are also advised to check your spam mails just in case. We also guarantee confidentiality and promise that only the consulting surgeon shall view the images for his/her recommendation on your case.

Based on the budget and liking, we shall suggest to you a few expert surgeons and the best clinical options for your procedure. A dialogue with the chosen surgeon will be arranged so that all your doubts are addressed and put to rest. You will also be assigned a case manager who will assist you in every way possible.

Once you have made the informed decision of having the cosmetic surgery in India, we will come up with logistic and accommodation options as well that suit you best. An estimated cost, travel timeline along with the best payment options shall be suggested for you to choose from. Your case manager will guide you through the visa and other technicalities to help you speed up the process.