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We, at IndiCure, have a very transparent medical tourism process. After you have made the knowledgeable choice of having your plastic surgery done in India, there is a standard route to follow. Your cosmetic surgery makeover will be undertaken in a predefined and systematic manner to avoid hassle and confusion. Our medical tourism process begins with providing you a free consultation with the surgeon after you have sent forth your requirement and expectation off the procedure and end after you are thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

Step 1 - Initial contact and Consultation

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In order to initiate the process of undergoing your professional cosmetic surgery in India, you need to send across precise and clear pictures of the target areas so that the surgeon can form an opinion on the said procedure and surgery required for the desired outcome. The pictures you send shall be treated with utmost care and confidentiality, and shall be only used for the purpose of evaluation by the surgeon. The images can be emailed to

A case manager shall be assigned to guide your case and provide you with the best options and suggestions through your cosmetic surgery makeover. An accurate cost estimate along with the surgeon’s evaluation shall be provided for your understanding. You are free to ask questions and queries to your case manager which shall be answered by the experts.

Step 2 – Booking of date and Visa formalities

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You are to next decide on the dates when you wish to slate your professional cosmetic surgery. Your case manager will look up the schedules of the concerned surgeons and clinics and recommend you suitable timing. Once the timings are fixed, an advance payment is to be made in order to book the appointment.

Your case manager will guide you through the nature of the visa required for the surgery and the course of application. This is the second step involved in the medical tourism process.

Step 3 - Surgery in India

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Once you arrive in India, you shall be received by your case manager at the scheduled time. At the most suitable and convenient available, a face to face consultation shall be arranged with your surgeon. We encourage our clients to take this opportunity to clear any doubts they might have had regarding their cosmetic surgery.

Once the procedure for your affordable and cheap cosmetic surgery is underway, you are to remain in the hospital to recuperate and recover from the treatment. The transportation to and fro the clinic shall be undertaken by IndiCure.

Please note, your surgeon is free to deny the surgery on the basis of the face to face assessment. Cost estimates made previously too can be changed based on the surgeon’s assessment after the face to face confrontation.

Step 4 – Recovery and Feedback

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After you are done with the surgery and have the surgeon’s approval, your case manager will arrange logistics for either any side trip or to travel back home. We encourage our clients to update us of their recovery process after their cosmetic surgery done in India. Any feedback regarding the whole treatment and the outcome from the clients is always welcome. You are also free to contact your case manager for any queries post your professional cosmetic surgery.